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Rijva has adopted the principle to produce world standard products by marketing the latest technologies at most competitive prices.

Rijva, the producer of the first metal working machines from Turkey, is today producing CNC hydraulic press brakes, full automatic presses, CNC hydraulic shears, punch presses, laser cutting and plasma cutting machines, plate and section rollers as well as band saws. These machines find a wide area of application in automotive, construction, textile, electronics, air transportation sectors, shipyards, industry of defence and industry of heating-cooling.

Production process is performed by high precision machinery to ensure the same high performance after many years of use with the application of powder and robotic welding technology and stress-relieving treatments.

In Rijva factories, which have the technology of processing one-part machine frames up to 20 meters in length with its high accuracy CNC machining centres, investments are made to produce long-term machines. Both standard and customer based press brake tooling is hardened with laser technology.

In order to secure Durma quality in each machine, the controls are carried out by using high technologies in every stage of production in Rijva.

Our presence has a meaning with our customer's reliance and our aim is to develop consistently by acknowledgment that our largest capital is our employees.

This same attitude is mirrored in South Africa were price, quality and service are paramount to both the company and our valued clients.

Rijva machinery is arguably the best in both value for money and the level of technology can be suited to the customer's requirements or budget.

When you become a Rijva machine owner you become part of our family.