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IMV / Sangiacomo Hydraulic Presses

IMV / SANGIACOMO (Italian manufacturers of C and H-frame mechanic and hydraulic presses) With two uprights, two or four points, the "DM"-series presses are characterized by many salient points, such as wide accesses to the working tables, generous structural dimensioning, minimum overall sizes, top functionality and easy use. This machine can easily withstand working loads that are off-centre with respect to its axis thanks to the large dimensioning, the layout of the mechanisms and the length of the slide ways. The machine has been designed using the most advanced software, which allows reaching the highest customization level. Innovative technological solutions, required by the different working needs, complete the machine. "DM" presses are particularly suitable for the production of special blanked, drawn and trimmed parts in highly resistant or stainless steel materials, using either conventional dies, or high-precision transfer dies.